Carmen is a naturopathic physician who attends to her clients’ needs with a gentle and mindful presence.

As a primary healthcare provider, she works in cooperation with the mainstream medical system, prescribes lab work as needed, and suggests herbs for immediate relief. To support long-term solutions, she may use clinical nutrition, traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, nutritional supplements, vega testing, or homeopathy. However, above all, she empowers her clients to look at their everyday lives, and she accompanies them in learning to live the lifestyles that will allow them to truly heal and thrive. 

In particular, Carmen specializes in working with altruistic givers: people who feel empty from no fault of their own, but from how life has led them to give more than they have. This type of work takes time, and what Carmen offers is a relationship. To make this feasible for those who desire it, she offers her services on a membership basis through Change Natural Medicine.

Graduated from the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine in 2010.

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Carmen is on maternity leave until January 2019.



“Dr. Tanaka is thorough and thoughtful. She teaches you while she treats you so that you come away feeling both encouraged and empowered to live well better.”

“Carmen is amazing and thorough in her work. I had a few health issues before I saw her. I [got] better with the help of Carmen's healing touch, acupuncture and naturopath wisdom! She is patient and very caring. I highly recommend [her] to anyone who wants to be healthy.”

“Dr. Carmen Tanaka is a kind, professional, intelligent, and compassionate doctor. I came away from our meeting feeling encouraged and positive that seeking a ND empowered me to take charge of my own health. I was given a small prescription "to do list" before our next meeting, but I don't feel overwhelmed . . . I feel supported and optimistic. Rather than treating symptoms, Dr. Tanaka offers a comprehensive lifestyle evaluation primarily through whole foods, not a dispensary.”



“Carmen touches my heart every time I see her. Not only does she take care of my physical body very well, she also attends to my soul. I feel fully rested and renewed after each session.”

—Happy Klinik Client