Donna is a registered massage therapist with additional training in osteopathic manual therapy. To address a client’s issue of concern, she uses a largely osteopathic approach, working with bones, muscles, and joints to restore the flow of fluids throughout the body.

With her optimistic, light-hearted, and straight-up style, her goal is to help clients permanently move past pain and limitations through a combination of treatment and at-home work. She believes change comes through collaboration, and prioritizes educating her clients so they can participate in their own healing.

Donna’s practice began in 1998. Early on, she spent 10 years as a registered massage therapist in a busy physiotherapy clinic in Whistler. Working in this dynamic environment, Donna gained a great deal of experience treating individuals of all athletic levels, with acute and chronic sports injuries, as well as chronic postural and ergonomic issues. She sought osteopathic training to increase the assessment tools at her disposal and to expand her treatments to include visceral and cranial work, for a more holistic approach of working with the body as a functional unit.

Graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 1996.

Completed her studies at the Canadian College of Osteopathy in Vancouver in 2009 (thesis pending).

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“Donna has been a great blessing to myself, my husband and my daughter. We all see her regularly because she is caring, intuitive, honest and shares a wealth of knowledge. We have all healed from pain, discomfort and improved our posture. Each time I leave a session with her I feel lighter, balanced and more grounded.”

“I have attended two massage therapy sessions with Donna, and the results have surpassed all my expectations. Donna explained to me in great detail the relationship between the various muscle groups and inner organs and how they relate to problems in my lower back and shoulders. She then went on to provide focused treatment to the very groups I had trouble with. I have been to various sports injury specialists in the past, but none came anywhere close to Donna's treatment of the problems.”


“I had an osteopathic massage from Donna Hudon yesterday and feel ever so much better today. She found that my fibula was twisted and spent time on letting it align better, and then did the same up at my skull, where apparently I was also jammed up and twisted. Thanks Donna.”

“I see Donna regularly and have noticed a significant improvement in my posture, mobility and pain reduction. She is kind and thoughtful and always professional.”



“Again, I must spread the word that my osteopathic massage therapist is a true genius.”

—Happy Klinik Client