Jeannene Christie, RMT

Jeannene is a registered massage therapist who uses a variety of therapeutic massage techniques, with a special focus on subtle modalities such as biodynamic cranial touch and Rood method to support the nervous system and promote function and well-being.

Prior to becoming an RMT, Jeannene obtained her degree in psychology and has provided recreation therapy since 1998 to individuals with autism spectrum disorder and other special needs. She has seen personalized touch provide a variety of health benefits for these individuals. As an RMT, Jeannene works with all her clients (people who have disabilities and those who do not) to facilitate positive experiences of therapeutic massage, movement, body awareness, and integration.

From her personal experience healing from Lyme disease, Jeannene is able to relate to the challenges of living with a chronic condition. With dedication to self care, she demonstrates that goals, dreams, and beyond can be realized.

Graduated from Langara College Registered Massage Therapy Program in 2016.

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