Jeannene Christie, RMT

Jeannene is a registered massage therapist who uses a variety of therapeutic massage techniques, with a special focus on subtle modalities such as biodynamic cranial touch and Rood method to support the nervous system and promote function and well-being.

Prior to becoming an RMT, Jeannene obtained her degree in psychology and has provided recreation therapy since 1998 to individuals with autism spectrum disorder and other special needs. She has seen personalized touch provide a variety of health benefits for these individuals. As an RMT, Jeannene works with all her clients (people who have disabilities and those who do not) to facilitate positive experiences of therapeutic massage, movement, body awareness, and integration.

From her personal experience healing from Lyme disease, Jeannene is able to relate to the challenges of living with a chronic condition. With dedication to self care, she demonstrates that goals, dreams, and beyond can be realized.

Graduated from Langara College Registered Massage Therapy Program in 2016.

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“My son has autism and is more calm and regulated after having Jeannene work on him. She has a lot of experience with people on the autism spectrum, and her level of comfort working with ASD kids plus her training in bio-dynamic cranial touch and traditional massage therapy helps my son's body and mind. It's also nice that I can use my At Home Program Funding to go towards the treatment. Since doing massage with Jeannene, Devon has gone from moving around and having a hard time staying on the table, to being able to stay still 30 min+. He is now allowing her to work on his tummy, neck, and calves that were ticklish and tight before. I've been seeing Jeannene for my ongoing left rotator cuff injury after I was recently diagnosed with frozen shoulder and had no range of motion. Since seeing Jeannene, my range is almost 100%, my pain has gone down tremendously, and during my last massage treatment, the areas that usually hurt when she would massage, didn't hurt!! Would highly recommend this wonderful therapist!”

“My first experience at Klinik was excellent. Jeannene conducted a thorough evaluation of my back and shoulders, and the massage treatment left me feeling relaxed with improved range of motion and less pain in my right shoulder. Booking an appointment was easy and straightforward. I will certainly plan to return on a regular basis.”

“Jeannene is great! I liked the Swedish massage with the myofascial release, felt amazing!


“I had a fantastic massage treatment by Jeannene Christie. She really takes the time to listen to what the issue is, and then looks to find a solution in a professional manner through examining your body and seeing where the problem is! She is the best! … You won't regret it if you book a treatment with Jeannene!”

—Happy Klinik Client