Linda is a registered massage therapist who uses her extensive experience and strong intuitive sense to tailor each treatment to her clients' individual needs. 

Her treatment sessions may include Swedish, neuromuscular, and/or craniosacral therapy techniques. Linda also specializes in the John Barnes Myofascial Release approach, which is considered a safe, gentle, and highly effective mind/body therapy that consistently produces long-lasting results. In all her work, Linda empowers clients to take ownership of their healing and recovery.

Linda’s personal activities and interests also influence her work. As a former triathlete, she has a passion for physical fitness and nutrition, which enables her to assist and educate her clients in achieving an active, pain-free lifestyle. Similarly, her experience as a mother has enriched her treatment of pregnant women and children. Linda is constantly immersed in new learning, and is most recently interested in neuroplasticity and mindfulness. At times, she shares related insights when beneficial and inspiring to her clients.

Graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 1995. 
Fluent in both French and English.

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“Linda Lalande has the gift. I am so grateful to have been referred to Linda by my physician as I searched for resolution to a long-standing neck and shoulder problem. Linda has worked miracles not only on the challenged areas but helping to realign my full body. Her strong hands, excellent knowledge of integrative systems and intuitive sense and sensitivities of individual bodies all lead to satisfying results. To match her wonderful skills, Linda is a positive, warm and delightful person. Highly recommended.”

“Linda was professional, punctual and skilled throughout the massage therapy treatment that I had. She was very pleasant and kind, and the clinic was very peaceful, bright and clean. I would absolutely refer a friend and come back in the future.”

“Linda was great with my daughter—professional and kind. She switched into French, once realizing my daughter attended French school, which was a pleasant surprise.”



“Linda has healing hands. Her expertise in myofascial release is outstanding. She knows exactly where I have restrictions in my body and very gently but effectively releases the fascia.”

—Happy Klinik Client