NIS (Neurolink)

Neurological Integration System (NIS) is a therapeutic practice that uncovers faults in the brain’s signaling to the body.

These signaling faults accumulate over time due to any number of stressors (motor vehicle accidents, emotional trauma, viruses, etc.). A signaling fault—whether to cells, tissues, glands, or organs—can lead to symptoms that range from mild to extreme. Upon finding a fault, the practitioner guides the brain in re-establishing the proper connections, allowing for a long-term correction of the problem, be it emotional, physical, or otherwise. NIS is a completely non-invasive and non-manipulative approach and does not use any equipment. It is thus highly versatile and appropriate for infants through to the elderly.  

NIS was developed by Dr. Allan K. Phillips, who served as an osteopathic physician and health consultant to the Pacific Region for World Health, and who is now the founder of Neurolink®. NIS practitioners bring an existing professional practice, such as nursing or acupuncture, and undergo extensive training for certification. They then attend masters-level sessions to learn the latest NIS research as global health evolves. 

Learn more at the Neurolink website.


Certified NIS Practitioners at Klinik:

Pardeep Dherari, RAc