PARDEEP DHERARI, RAc and NIS Practitioner

Pardeep is a registered acupuncturist and a certified Neurological Integration Systems (NIS) practitioner. He also completed his studies as a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine.

Pardeep combines all this expertise to provide comprehensive and highly individualized care for all health issues—often becoming a primary health care provider for entire families. As a proud father, he brings a personal touch to his work with infants and children.

Pardeep practices with great compassion, empathy, focus, and conviction. He strives for a noticeable improvement after the first session, and when appropriate uses supplements and vitamin injections to help clients along. After resolving the root cause of illness, he guides clients in understanding what was going on in their body, mind, and spirit—and how to prevent further illness. Pardeep is continually expanding his skills, and has participated in five masters-level NIS trainings. While his professional focus is on overall health and wellbeing, he also offers cosmetic acupuncture. 

Trained at the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 
Certified in NIS by Neurolink in 2009.

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I first met Pardeep when I was maybe 10 or 12. He started assisting me with my severe allergy to all corn products, as well as helping me to strengthen my body from bladder cancer that I had when I was younger. After seeing him, I was able to eat white corn and also able to hold my bladder throughout the night. I haven't had an issue since. His work is like magic, and I could not be more thankful to have met him. Thanks Pardeep for making me healthy again!”

My husband and I are impressed with the healing treatments we have received from Pardeep. We feel reborn each time we leave. We highly recommend any person suffering mentally or physically to see Pardeep asap. This method of healing works 100%.”

“Pardeep is a wonderful practitioner. His skills are only enhanced by the warm, considerate, caring ways he brings to clients. I have been a client for over two years, and he has been consistently professional and kind. I highly recommend Pardeep for all ages.”

“Whether acupuncture or NIS/neurolink, Pardeep Dherari is an expertly trained practitioner who is dedicated to healing. He is ethical and respectful, while giving you the feeling that you are a special client who he has time to speak with before and after sessions. I highly recommend Pardeep to anyone needing these services.”

“I have been having treatment with Pardeep Dherari for chronic back pain for the past two years. The treatment has helped me with nerve pain from flare-ups and reduced the amount of pain medication significantly. I have recommended him to family and friends.”



“I am amazed by the changes that have happened in my body, mind, and soul since collaborating with Pardeep at Klinik. Thank you for your powerful and life-changing offering.”

—Happy Klinik Client