Ramesh is a registered massage therapist practicing techniques influenced by the osteopathic form. Through holistic and dynamic interventions, his focus is on a return to your best self.

A yoga instructor since 2004, Ramesh strongly believes in the benefits found in breath and incorporates this awareness in each session. Decades of sporting background also inform his work with those looking to get back to their play—whether to perform at the highest level or for the love of the weekend. His success dealing with chronic and acute pain is rooted in the truth that treatment is a collaborative effort. 

Gentle hands-on interventions wake a little something up, supporting you to realize your whole health. A natural optimist, sessions with Ramesh are focused on empowering people past limitation through education. His intent is to encourage you to feel lighter, healthier, and more capable in your day-to-day.

Graduated from Utopia Academy (VCMT) in 2012. Active student at the Canadian College of Osteopathy in Vancouver.

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“Ramesh incorporates myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, muscle energy, and other healing modalities to create space and expand my container. His work leaves me rested, ready, and rejuvenated.”

“Ramesh’s body work is so profoundly healing. His hands hold a presence that penetrates well beyond muscle, bone, or tissue. The healing continues long beyond the end of the session. It felt like multiple sessions of rolfing in one session. I’m grateful for his work and for who he is in the world.”

“Having been treated by him more than once after suffering debilitating injuries, I believe Mr. Narine possesses unique talents in the areas of physical and rehabilitative injuries.”

“His presence, empathy, desire to heal was so palpable with every touch, it left me completely relaxed and better than I've ever felt.”