You'll find us just off Main St.


225 East 17th Ave, Suite 101
Vancouver, BC


Mon-Fri 8am to 8pm
Sat 9am to 5pm


Klinik is wheelchair accessible.
Did you know? If you have a SPARC permit (i.e., disabled persons' parking permit), then you can park in "resident permit parking" and "resident parking only" for up to three hours. This means you can park anywhere in front of Klinik. Learn more here.

Map for Klinik - A Health Collective, Main St. / Mount Pleasant, Vancouver BC


Here's what you need to know for your first visit.


Access: Sometimes practitioners lock the front door during treatment sessions. So please contact us in advance if you would like to pre-arrange a visit. 

Booking: If you need help choosing a practitioner, we are happy to think it through with you by email ( or phone (604-876-8764). If you are ready to book an appointment, contact us or book online.

Parking: Free street parking is available right in front of Klinik and throughout the neighbourhood. See above for additional availablity when using a disabled persons' parking permit.



There are lots of fun distractions nearby.


We are located just around the corner and down the street from the Granville Island Toy Company, which puts a smile on anyone's face. Their bear-soldier shows just where to turn off Main St. on your way to us.

Yummy neighbourhood eats—for before or after a visit—include The General PublicDon't ArgueEl Camino'sAnh and ChiBurgooRadicle JuiceThe Last Crumb, and more. 



In the clinic, you'll see some beautiful art.

We want you to feel good just being here, and we do that in part through art. We love local artists and are currently featuring the photography and paintings of Aaron Blake Evans. If you know a local artist whose work makes you feel good—either through its vibrancy or natural simplicity—please let us know.



We are your friends and neighbours.


Klinik is owned and operated by Katherine Couch Burroughs, who also works at Klinik as a registered massage therapist. She lives just around the corner with her husband and three kids—soaking up Mount Pleasant neighbourhood life. Coming from Maori roots, Klinik is for Katherine a way to build and serve her community—helping it be, as the Maori say, "kia kaha," or in other words, forever strong.

Email Katherine ( with any questions or ideas for Klinik.