Igor is a registered massage therapist who, in addition to having a broad practice, provides a fresh and thoughtful approach to neck, shoulder, and low back pain.

He often uses a unique side-lying technique that includes joint mobilization, dynamic stretching, spinal rotations, and more for a physical and deep massage experience. He also explores with clients the postural habits causing their discomfort and works with them on breathing, strengthening, and muscle balancing to create lasting change.

Igor lived in Russia until he was a young teen. It was then that he was first captivated by the simplicity, physical feel, and healing effects of massage—through his mother who was a professional dance teacher, and from receiving massages for his competitive Judo practice. Now 23 years in Canada, he still appreciates how massage therapy takes us deep into our bodies, reminding us what wellness feels like and inspiring us to stay healthy.

Graduated from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy in 2015, and from the Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage in 2010.

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“Thank you. I was so tense, my neck ached and I was having difficulty sleeping. Igor worked very methodically and relieved my tense spots. I feel so much better. I should have made an appointment sooner!”

“I had real issues with my back and my neck. Igor was able to really work on the specific area and help me improve my condition. He is extremely professional and gave me good tips to avoid future injuries. Thank you.”

“I have had two sessions with Igor, both related to a shoulder injury. He was able to work deeply on the problem area, which resulted in an increased range and ease of motion. Subsequently, Igor has worked on my husband and a good friend, and I have had no hesitation recommending him to others. I have another massage scheduled and will continue to go to him for massage therapy. He is both knowledgeable and intuitive and made an important 'follow up' email which I found comforting. Thumbs up!”



“Igor was incredibly good. I walked in with an extremely tight neck and shoulders, and after he was done, I felt like I could have cartwheeled out of the office. 100% will be going to him again.”

—Happy Klinik Client